Thursday, March 5, 2009

Editor's note: *****Bulletin*****

The Georgia Online News Service report today was held so that we could bring the breaking news about the Georgia Senate's approval of a bill that would gut the power of the state's Department of Transportation.

Also, Georgia Online News Service's executive editor, John F. Sugg, expands at length today why we take this mission so seriously. We've also included a recent interview with John conducted by Georgia Public Broadcasting (click here to listen to the interview).

We think it's important that you know why we're here and where we're going, hopefully with you alongside us. There's also a great lineup of news and opinion in today's Greensheet.

Our service is free for a limited time and we encourage you to take advantage of it. GONSO is an enterprise founded and staffed by more than two dozen leading journalists and media executives in Georgia. Newspapers, broadcasters, bloggers and websites are welcome to use our articles -- please credit the writers and the Georgia Online News Service. Send your comments and any story ideas to executive editor John Sugg at You can also call us at 800-891-3459.

Today's GONSO

Senate Agrees to New Transport Agency, Barely

by Maggie Lee
In a nearly a party-line vote of 30-25, the Georgia Senate has approved a bill that would create a new state transportation agency, and in the view of its sponsor, give more power to rural districts.
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Why GONSO? Georgians Deserve Great Journalism in Order to Build a Vibrant and Healthy State

by John Sugg
People in this state want intelligent, high-quality journalism, and they're not getting it from traditional media. That's why the Georgia Online News Service was created.
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Sunday Alcohol Failure: Not Enough Committee Votes to Get Out of Committee

by K. Patrick Jensen
Blaming what he calls an "Old Testament mentality," a Georgia senator withdrew his bill that would have allowed Sunday alcohol sales in grocery stores and convenience stores if local citizens voted for sales.

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Obama's Declaration of Independence

by Paul Paulson
President Obama's agenda is a declaration that we are back. The middle class, the great unwashed, has a chance to get our due.

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Tomorrow's Budget
by John Sugg
Home Movies: What's New On DVD
by Eleanor Ringel Cater
Georgia bill could make biking trails happier
by Hollis Gillespie
Georgia college hoops don't have to be so bad
by Wendy Parker

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