Monday, February 16, 2009

Bill Osinski

BILL OSINSKI has been a reporter for 36 years and has been named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in investigative reporting. During his tenure at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bill reported from 130 of Georgia's 159 counties for his Main Street Georgia column and for in-depth stories. One of those stories became the basis for his 2007 book Ungodly, the story of how the leader of the Nuwaubian cult that settled in Putnam County, became America's worst sex predator. Bill's screenplay on that story has been optioned by Montel Williams' production company, and Bill is currently working on a new true-crime book, as well as multiple screenplays.

Editor's note: Hello, Georgia! Today we have an article sure to attract attention what's all of this sex going on in sports. It's by Paul Kaplan, one of Georgia's best, and it's well worth the read. On a more solemn note, veteran man-about-Georgia reporter Bill Osinski takes a look at a murder in a subdivision. It's where Osinski lives, and the point he makes is that crime rates are up and we're all worried. Finally, John Sugg raises the question about why state lawmakers are creating a safe haven to protect pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits.

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Today's GONSO

Murder In Oak Meadow

by Bill Osinski
The first officer on the scene reported that he found Mrs. Gotwalt dead, with injuries that were later confirmed to be stab wounds. The case then became a murder investigation. No arrests have been made.
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What really matters to sports fans isn't the score it's who is scoring with whom

by Paul Kaplan
The media has a commitment to serve as a watchdog, and what we on the sports desk watch like dogs is sex in sports.
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Protecting Big Pharma from lawsuits isn't the way to build a healthy economy in Georgia

by John Sugg
So, legislative water-carriers for Big Pharma want to create a safe haven in Georgia for drug companies whose products surprise consumers by causing warts, flatulence, heart palpitations, bleeding, loss of appetite, erections that last more than four hours, depression, suicide, death-by-other-means and many other side effects the corporate giants should have warned us about but didn't.
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Tomorrow's Budget
Governor Takes the Road to Streamlining Transportation Agencies
by Maggie Lee
The Capitol is not on Fire
by Hollis Gillespie
Steroids? You're Outta Here!
by Paul Kaplan

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