Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bill Osinski

BILL OSINSKI has been a reporter for 36 years and has been named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in investigative reporting. During his tenure at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bill reported from 130 of Georgia's 159 counties for his Main Street Georgia column and for in-depth stories. One of those stories became the basis for his 2007 book Ungodly, the story of how the leader of the Nuwaubian cult that settled in Putnam County, became America's worst sex predator. Bill's screenplay on that story has been optioned by Montel Williams' production company, and Bill is currently working on a new true-crime book, as well as multiple screenplays.

Editor's note: Hello, Georgia. Lousy weather today, and if you're in the transportation business, the storm clouds are really dark. But Georgia's top-rated journalist on transportation issues, Lyle Harris, tells us that there's a small sliver of silver lining in the transportation thunderheads. Meanwhile, a Georgia town that's a lot like Mayberry Senoia in Coweta County has become the darling of Hollywood movie makers, according to Georgia Online News Service's man-about-the-state, Bill Osinski. Finally, for a special treat, GONSO introduces as a regular columnist Ralph Reed. He has a bit of advice to bitter partisans on both sides of the political fence: "Our civic life need not resemble an episode of 'The Three Stooges.' We can do better."

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John F. Sugg, Executive Editor

Today's GONSO

Who's running Georgia's transportation policy

by Lyle Harris
We've had enough.

Georgians are officially sick and tired of being sick and tired about ever-lengthening commutes that continue to waste our precious time, money and gas.

Our Job-like patience has all but expired after waiting for years on promised road improvements that are desperately needed but never seem to get off the drawing board.

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Georgia's version of Mayberry becomes Hollywood's new darling

by Bill Osinski
Life is just a scene, when you live in Senoia.

This Coweta County town isn't just trying to become known as the movie-making capital of Georgia; it wants to be a town that doubles as a movie set.

The drive to preserve Senoia's turn-of-the-century (19th) look as an attraction for moviemakers is also a means to develop a healthy 21st century local economy.

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Obama's reach across divide praiseworthy, but not without precedent

by Ralph Reed
Barack Obama's inaugural address Jan. 20 was notable – apart from the usual eloquence and Obamaesque stagecraft – for a clarion call for a new, post-partisan politics. He challenged the nation to embrace a kind of 21st century version of the Era of Good Feelings, which prevailed between 1817 and 1825 after the decline of the Federalist party but prior to the sectional disputes that later arose over the extension of slavery.
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Tomorrow's Budget
A sure(hell)-fire way to raise state funds? Tax all 7 Deadly Sins
by K. Patrick Jensen
Transportation top concern for business community
by Jeanne Bonner
Lesson for legislators: Don't forget the children
by Pat Willis

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