Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paul Kaplan

PAUL KAPLAN has been an award-winning writer and editor at newspapers in Miami, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. He won numerous first-place sportswriting awards in Miami and Washington in the 1970s, served at Metro Editor of the Miami News for most of the 1980s and was an editor and writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from 1989 until 2007, including a stint overseeing all content in the Sunday paper. He's married with three grown sons. He and his wife Karen, a public relations executive, live in Roswell.

Editor's note: Hello, Georgia. In today's schedule of articles from the Georgia Online News Service, we have an incisive look at the state's budget crisis by Tom Opdyke. Local officials use terms such as "devastating" to describe the $2 billion in proposed cuts. On an equally dismal front - prospects for the Braves in 2009 - veteran columnist Paul Kaplan explains why the best we can expect is "middle of the pack." And GONSO's Publisher Jon Sinton pens a column commenting that for good reporting on the nation's crumbling infrastructure, forget Big Media. You'll find that reporting - news that's critical for all of us - only in publications such as Popular Mechanics (and, of course, GONSO).


John Sugg
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Today's GONSO

County officials across state see 'most challenging year' grappling with budgets

by Tom Opdyke
Lamar Paris is surrounded by exquisite scenery in the Georgia mountains, but the distance doesn't insulate him from what happens at the state Capitol.
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As spring training looms, Braves look like a middle-of-the-pack team

by Paul Kaplan
Here we are again, just weeks from the start of baseball's spring training, and sports fans in Georgia need the Braves to rescue them from another winter of mediocrity.
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Let's hope news media re-awaken before U.S. infrastructure crumbles

by Jon Sinton
This is a test. This is a test of your national media. Society needs a wake–up call. Thus far, the media has failed. Fortunately, the new administration knows the score – "D" – and wants to spend money to create jobs and spur the economy.
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Tomorrow's Budget
Who's running Georgia's transportation policy
by Lyle Harris
Georgia's version of Mayberry becomes Hollywood's new darling
by Bill Osinski
Obama's reach across divide praiseworthy, but not without precedent
by Ralph Reed

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